Saturday, February 04, 2012

Saturday Flurry

Saturday was supposed to be a day of boring work. I really had intentions of working on my financial forecasting for my business plan, but the idea of cleaning my apartment took precedence. I live in an almost 700 square foot apt with my 2 kitties, and you'd think that would be more than plenty of place for just little ol' me, right? Well, my recent acquisition of polyester fiberfill has resulted in my sudden claustrophobia. I only bought 2 bags of stuffing, but after cutting the first bag to let the air in so I could actually use the stuff created it to expand to twice its size! It's a good thing I placed the bundle in a printer box first, because I think otherwise I'd never get it through the doors. Each bag is 16.6 kg (or about 37 pounds). The bag above the box expanded to about 4 feet wide, and the bag itself is about 4.5 feet high.

The lime green box on the bottom left is a box of cat litter, so you can imagine the size of my stuffing bundles. The one on the right in the blue bag is vacuum packed. If I were to cut the bag off, the inside bag would expand to fill the rest of the room.

So I spent the entire afternoon cleaning my apt to get this stuff in the spare room, shown above. I had to clean out my outdoor locker to store my bikes (and keep them from rusting in the snow, or getting stolen), because they were originally in this room. After 5 whole hours, my house was finally tidy, and I could breathe.

On Thursday I sold this really great monster, shown below: 

This is the guy I sold on Thursday. His arms and legs were made out of an upcycled bathing suit belt I found. Probably the coolest fabric colours ever, and impossible to find.

I loved this guy so much, I spent all of Friday on a quest to find rainbow striped fabric. Either like the photo above, or with alternating white strips, it didn't matter as long as it was a rainbow. You'd think that someone would carry it, but not one fabric store carries rainbow stripes. However, near the end of Friday evening, I did come across some rainbow striped fleece at Fabricland (total fluke!), so I bought the whole bolt. It doesn't have the white or the black in between the colours, but it's a rainbow, and the only one I've found so far. The whole bolt left me with over 4 meters of fabric for $27. Lucky for me it was on sale!

Here's the new monster with rainbow arms and legs.

He's still a bit of a skeleton, only in pieces, not put together yet.

His legs! They're 18 inches long. Even my nail polish matches a bit.

He wanted to be photographed in the snow bank, so how could I say no? This is what he'll look like when assembled, but with less dimension.

What makes both of these monsters really cool, is that their limbs are pose-able. I added 'joints' in the arms and legs, so they can have a bit more personality.

So there you have it. My Saturday flurry involved a LOT of cleaning, and tiny photography break.

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