Friday, March 30, 2012

Awesome T-Shirt Friday Day

Today is awesome T-shirt Friday day! I wanted to share this rad shirt that was given to me by a friend. Not only does it have rainbows on it, but unicorns!

What really throws me off is that this shirt is an X-Large! I mean, wow! For most of my life I could fit into a small, and then I gained some weight (being a full fledged, 34 year old adult, it's bound to happen), and I've grown into wearing mediums, sometimes larges (depending on the store).

Those jeans are one of my faves. Everywhere there's a patch there's a hole. They're not like the fashionably holey like the ones you can buy in the store. These jeans have incredible amounts of stretch, and the holes don't help. The backside of my jeans have even more patches, and I don't think you'd want to see that. :)

See how sunny it is in my bedroom? I wish the whole apartment had this much sun. Sometimes I wish I could move my art room into this room. I think working in here would make me so happy. I don't think my downstairs neighbor would like me any more than he does now. The floors/ceilings are apparently very thin in this building (seeing as all the apts on the whole block are about 100 years old). I think he would be very angry if he heard me sewing on my machine at 11 pm (like most days when I'm busy I work late). I suppose if I worked here, I'd no longer have access to my computer, so I wouldn't be able to watch shows or movies, or listen to music.

Heh, I just noticed there are 2 pill bottles in the background. No, I'm not that kind of woman. :) They're melatonin and Valerian. Both to help me relax, and get a decent sleep schedule going. Sometimes I'll work 12-14 hour days, and go straight to bed, and I need these to help me wind down. Crazy!

I'd like to know if you're wearing anything fun, awesome or special today! :)

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