Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Madness

Well, I had a good weekend. I found out that all my furry monsters have sold out at Perfide, and I think they'll be sold out at Tah-Dah! very soon as well (since I only had 4 in the store the last time I spoke to the owner). This is very exciting news! I am so happy to hear that they're doing so well! I knew they would. :) The furry guys are by far my most popular monster. I'm also selling Harolds, foxes, bunnies and furry monsters at Minizabies. Check it out!!

I made some new monsters a few weeks ago, and have been busy with finishing my business plan, so I didn't get around to blogging about them. One of the new monsters got featured in a blog by i only like monsters, and it's really awesome! Follow this link to check what other monsters were included in the blog. :-D  My feature on this really awesome, monsterific blog!

This is the romantic Victor. He wears his heart on his belly, to show he loves you!

This is Tim, Burton's twin. He loves gothic films, and random things.

This is the furry bellied monster. She's fancy, and very rare!
This is Pinky. She's made out of some really funky, vintage fabric from a smock.
This is the non-smoking monster. His fabric is a very rare printed "How To Stop Smoking" fabric. He is definitely one of a kind, and very rare. Non-smoking monster encourages you to quit while you're still healthy.
This is Jesse, the batik monster. She's got some crazy fabric and some crazy colours going on.
This is Eddie. He's a monster that loves to pose, and can sit any way you want him to!

 Well there you have it! These are my newest additions. I've recently bought some new furs....

Silver shag - This is shimmery (hard to photograph)

Baby blue - Totally awesome

This is really a dark teal greeny blue. For some reason the camera made it lighter.

With these new furs I'm going to have new monsters made, and will be for sale in 3 places...

If you're in Montreal, stop by one and grab yourself a monster. Because everyone needs a monster, remember?

I should have them up for sale in my Big Cartel shop by the 3rd week of March. They may not be for sale on Etsy. I'm finding that website is becoming a very costly place, and will not be uploading as many new items. My Big Cartel shop is attached to my Facebook page, and is better because you don't have to log in, or have an account to buy. :-)  I know that that is very important for some people.

Have a great evening and Monday!! xx

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