Friday, March 23, 2012

A Peek At My Studio

As per my fans requests, here's a post about my workspace or studio! This is where all the monster making magic happens!

I live and work in a 2 bedroom apartment, and my studio is set up in the 'dining room' part of my place. It's a shame I have no windows in this room. I'd love to turn my bedroom into my studio, it'd be perfect, but as I work late into the wee hours at times, I don't think the people downstairs who go to bed at 9 pm would appreciate that too much. It's bad enough they have to deal with the deaf 88 year old lady who lives below them, and watches her TV in the kitchen very loudly, and until 4 am (or so I'm told).

My irregular shelf my dad made for me. It's my scale, sticker, button and Burton monster holder.

My desk/sewing area. This desk squeaks!! Drives me nuts. Oiling it doesn't seem to work. My paintings!

My wall of fabric. Everything is stored in huge ziploc bags to keep it cat hair free. It's important because I have 2 cats.

This is my paint and canvas section. Not so big. :)

Well there you have it. It's not a fancy space by any means, but as long as I keep it neat, it does the trick! I could totally spend hundreds of dollars on some fancy shelving, but I think I'll save that setup for the day I buy my own place.

 Someday I'll have a setup like this....

I know this is a kid's room, but how awesome would this be as a workspace???? AWESOME!!!!

And this too....

Or this room would totally rock too. I love that green hutch, or whatever you want to call it.

These last 2 rooms are so bright and colourful compared to my drab and very uninspiring studio! LOL  It's probably the flash on my camera, and the lack of windows. I'm not worried though. I know one day I'll be rolling in the dough, and I'll be able to do what I really want. I'll do a combo of the two pictures, throw in a few awesome vintage pieces of furniture, and a comfy chair for a little relaxation.



  1. ooo I like your paintings :-) you are a very creative lady!!

    1. Thanks Caz! I studied graphic design and illustration before becoming the monster lady. :)