Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Tuesday...Now What?

For the past few weeks I've been wracking my brain at what to blog about. I know a few people like the woman who writes the Dainty Squid actually keeps a blogging journal, and I'm starting to think that might be a good idea. She has weekly things, like Monday she talks about nails, Tuesday she'll talk about things she likes? I don't really pay that much attention, but I know she does things weekly. I'm starting to think I should too. This way I'll know what to talk about. :-)

Honestly there hasn't been anything exciting happening this month, hence the lack of posts. As a plush creator, I don't create 1 new unique doll every few days like some of the part timers I've seen on Facebook. I have my set, and I just remake those when I need to. Occasionally if I buy new fur (like last month), I will have a few new ones, but they might end up my regular monsters if they sell.

Here's a new monster I did yesterday for a customer. She lives in Australia, and she's my first Aussie customer. It's very exciting. This monster was made, and then my customer had asked me to make it with a happy face, so I kept this one hoping to find her a nice home. My Facebook fans have named her Cherry.

Cherry the pink monster

• • • •

Alright, so on to today's subject. It's Tuesday. Tomorrow I have a 15 minute presentation at 4 pm of my business plan in front of this committee. I'm to sell myself and my project to them, to hopefully win this grant so I can grow my business. I haven't even started working on my presentation, and it's already 11:30 am.  I should really make breakfast (yeah, I know it's late but I haven't been sleeping well this week) and get cracking on this. I honestly don't want to do this, but I do want the money.

The biggest thing I need to do is advertising to get people to my new store on Big Cartel It's not like Etsy at all. Big Cartel is for professional artists to sell their products. Etsy is a community, and an expensive one at that (one I'm trying to move away from cause it's making me poor). Currently I have 3 Facebook ads circulating the world of Facebook, and I've managed to get over 100 fans in a week which is great, but how many of those people will actually buy something from me? I need to reach even more people. So money is what I need.

I'm really hoping that tomorrow's presentation will go well. I always get nervous in front of people. Wish me luck for this...

• • • •

So there are people out there who blog regularly. They do posts like "What I wore..." and I find that kind of funny. It's funny to know that people reading these blogs like this. Nothing wrong with that, don't get me wrong, it's just funny. So I want to do a quick entry entitled....

What I Didn't Wear

Today I didn't wear my brown suede boots, my Levi Silver jeans with all the funky patches, a stylish t-shirt and a really comfy sweater.


I tend to work at home, and I don't feel like I should dress up to sit down and sew or cut fur. But yesterday I did go out to buy more felt, and I did wear most of what I mentioned above, except take away the suede boots and replace them with black and red plaid Rocketdog boots.

(I'd add photos, but it's so hard to photograph one's self without a tripod).

• • • •

As a closing statement, I'd like to post something cute. Of course it'll be of my boys, the kitties. :)

Littleone is sitting on said suede boots. I find this cute when he does this.

This is Squeak's favorite couch spot for relaxing.

I bought some pesticide-free cat nip, and Littleone just went crazy for it (he's currently rolling around in it). Squeak thinks this stuff is no good and would prefer the stuff with pesticides. What a weirdo.

This is Squeak's sitting time. He comes up here at night and will sit like this before lying down for a nap.

Have a great Tuesday!

PS: I would love suggestions of what you'd like to read about in upcoming posts. Maybe I can do joke posts like "What I would be wearing if I went out today" or something. Hahaha

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