Saturday, April 14, 2012

26 Random Facts About Me

Julie from Gleeful Things started this "25 Random Facts About Me" on her blog, and I thought it'd be a great way for all my fans and followers to learn more about the woman behind the monsters! I'll be telling you about things I like, or dislike, my quirks, or general information you don't get from bloggers.

Let's begin!

1.  I totally believe in ghosts. When I lived in Edmonton a ghost would move things directly in front of my face in broad daylight. Nothing scary. Now living in Montreal, I'm still living with ghosts. Whether it's the same one, or a new one, I'm not sure.

2. I have 5 tattoos. The Buddha you see on my arm, a fairy on my back, a butterfly with stuff on my lower back (or as some like to call it, my tramp stamp), a butterfly on my abdomen (free birthday tattoo from my tattoo artist), and another fairy wearing a loin cloth on my right ankle. I wanted a 6th tattoo on my left arm on my wrist of some Thai happiness prayer and a lotus flower, but the only person I'd want tattooing that lives in Edmonton. Plus, they're really expensive now, and I just don't have that kind of money.

3. I love to stop and talk to animals when I see them walking down the street. I don't tend to say hi to the person walking them either. Hahaha

4. My 2 cats are the loves of my life. They're both 13 years old, and I fear the day when they die. I will be all alone, and very, very sad, and will need some emotional support to get through the rough times. Just thinking about it makes me all choked up. Moving on.

5. If I can't find a really good book, I'll reread a novel I previously read that I loved. Books I've reread: Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. I've read this series 4 times, and it never gets boring. Harry Potter and this one novel I recommend to all is Phantom by Susan Kay.

6. I only drink coffee between 8 am and 12 pm, and I can only handle 2 cups during that time. If I drink more I get a little crazed with all the caffeine. Coffee in the afternoon gives me a headache.

7. My favorite colour is purple. I just love it.

I'm playing an odd square game in Tokyo, and losing at it!

8. I went to university right out of high school, and studied Biochemistry. It wasn't what I wanted to study, and after 2 years I got kicked out because my GPA dropped to 1.25. That translates to a Grade of D, and that's no good. The dean wrote in my letter that I need to learn responsibility and work for a few years. This is why I'm a firm believer that going to college/uni right after high school is a bad idea. Not only am I $25,000 in debt because of all my schooling, but I wasted 2 years doing something I didn't even want to learn. I originally wanted to do microbiology and work in a level 5 lab studying the ebola virus! That's a result of many years of reading Michael Crichton novels. :D

9. I lived with my dad and brother on military bases until I was 16 years old. We traveled to a new base every 2 years, and I never kept the friends I made when I left for a new home. I think all that moving around has made my life a little weird.

10. I traveled across Canada 5 times to move. Edmonton, AB to Mont-Apica, QC  then  Mont-Apica, QC to Penhold, AB then Edmonton, AB to Toronto, ON then Brampton, ON to Edmonton, AB and finally Edmonton, AB to Montreal, QC.  Those are not all the cities I've lived in, but the cities I moved to and from going across the country.

11. There are things about my personality that I dislike and wish I could change by just snapping my fingers. Unfortunately, I have to settle by making painstakingly slow changes over time. I have to be careful how I act around people. I wish I could be 100% myself, but I can't. This aspect of me is the hardest part of being me.

12. I love to laugh so hard that nothing comes out. Those are silent laughs, and they're the best!

13. I just waxed my upper lip because the hairs were getting dark enough to look like a tiny mustache. HAHA Now the skin on my upper lip feels weird!

14. I will always prefer a real book over an e-reader. I like how books feel, the paper, the written word, the pictures on the covers. E-readers can be good, but for me a physical book will always be my book of choice. I hope bookstores stick around forever, or else I'll become a book collector.

15. I'm a FRIENDS addict. I love that show! I've seen the entire series about 8 times through, and I never tire of it. My least favorite episodes are the ones when Ross gets jealous of Mark, and him and Rachel 'take a break', and my favorite character is Phoebe because she's so out there.

16. I get nervous before every event/craft fair. Even though I'm a people person, it's always a little nerve-wracking.

17.  I never celebrate Halloween, and I've never had an Easter dinner with my immediate family. Since my parents divorce when I was 7, I've never lived in the same city let alone same province as my mom, dad and brother. Being alone has always been part of my life. I do try to spend Christmas with someone.

18. I prefer to write notes on my hand than on a piece of paper. I have a tendency of losing paper, but I'll never lose my hand. :)

Me and the owner of a cute Japanese ryokan in Kyoto. My room was ¥20,000 which is about $200 for 1 night.

19. I hate the colour orange. I once painted a fish on canvas. The main colours were green and orange. Once it was finished I couldn't look at it because of the orange.

20. I love to play in the park for kids. I used to love the swings, but now they make me nauseous.  If there are no children I'll play. I especially like those little cups you sit in and they turn at an odd angle. They look harmless, but they can go really fast!

21. I have 3 x 60 liter buckets of shoes, and I only wear 2% of those shoes the rest of the time. I should really just get rid of them, but I never know when I'll need a pair of boots or high heels for a dressy event.

22. I went to Japan for a 2 week traveling vacation, and I did it all by myself. While I was madly saving every dollar I didn't spend on food or bills, I was teaching myself to read and speak Japanese. I soon gave up on the reading, and focused mostly on the speaking. I visited 6 different cities, and met tons of locals and travelers. I highly recommend Japan as it's safe, everyone is so polite, and it's just so different. The only I could do without was all the rice. Rice for every meal! Ugh.

23. I want to travel to Thailand, and Europe! The only thing holding me back is my lack of funds. I've lived alone now for 15 years, and I have to say it's super hard to save money for trips when you're the only one to pay all the bills. Yes, it would be easier to live with roommates, but....

24. I dislike living with roommates! LOL I prefer to live alone. Working hard to save money for a trip means I will cherish that trip 10 times more.

26. I think about 'the end of the world' and everything I'm doing. Sometimes I think about how we're destroying our planet with cars, oil, garbage, overpopulation. People don't recycle (like my neighbor - and that really bothers me), or the random person who takes the trash from their car and leaves it on the street. I hate that Montreal has so little garbage cans, and there is so much trash everywhere. I watch people constantly putting their garbage on the ground, not caring about it. I wish people would care more about their world. I also think about how everyone seems hell bent on having babies. Personally I don't want children, and I honestly wouldn't want to bring a child into a world right now. At this very moment I have a hard time paying for everything all by myself. I can't imagine having a kid and being in even more debt. Let alone that that kid's going to grow up in a world full of garbage, and most likely will end up in WW3. It's bleak, I know. 

26. I like to stop, close my eyes, and enjoy the fact that I'm healthy, alive, have an apt, clothes, and food. There are so many people out there who are so materialistic, who must have the latest car, or iPhone, or television. They are greedy, think only of themselves, or of the status that item will give them. They are not grateful for what they have, only thinking about what they don't have. I have never had a lot in my life, and I'm always grateful for the little (or big) things I do get. I know it's to have stuff, but I think about all the people who are too poor even to afford a decent meal, or able to go to the movies. Those living on the streets because they lost everything. Got fired, lost their wife, and got depressed. I don't know what brings people to the streets, but I can tell you that they never look happy.

I hope you enjoyed learning about me! Why not play this game and you write about 25 Random Facts about yourself! :D


  1. Ohh I saw Julie's post and was considering doing the same - but can I come up with 25 things and not feel all internet-exposed? What am I even hesitant about? :P



    Okay no more yelling... for the moment ^^

    1. HAHAHA Yes, Andromeda strain was probably the book that got me hooked on biology, and yes, I totally feel like my cats are my kids! I could have made this list way longer than 26, because there's so much to say!