Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Strawberry Nails!

Today is my first day that I've done some funky nails, and today's nails are strawberry nails. This is a photo of my right hand. My left hand isn't nice enough to photograph (odd, since I'm right handed). :)

I bought this lime green polish just today, but it went on messy because of the thickness of the paint, as well as the really wide brush. Next time I'm going to use one of my paint brushes. The white dots are made with a manicure white pen. ;) You can buy the specific nail pen for details ($7.49 on sale), they come in colours such as white, black, light pink, hot pink, blue, purple, and silver. But when I wanted white they were out. I saw the french manicure pen for $3 less, and figured as long as I don't push too hard, I can do dots!

To replicate this effect you need:

• French Manicure White Tip Pen (I used Sally Hansen's. It was $4.99)
• Pro Nail Lacquer in raspberry
• Lime green nail polish (brand is up to you).

I'm really picky about how things look, but as this is my first time, I'm not worrying too much about the look. As long as I don't stare at it, it looks cute. :)

Happy nail painting!


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