Saturday, April 07, 2012

Store Revamped

Well, after deciding not to switch to the Sidecar theme on Big Cartel, I spent 8 hours last night making changes to my store to pretty it up. I wanted to add my own text for my horizontal navigation bar, but it wasn't as easy as choosing a font. Nope. I had to create each individual word in Photoshop, making sure that each image was the same height, and then with some HTML code plop it in. But not only that, I wanted it to be a link AND have a rollover effect (change colour when you put your mouse over it). Thankfully I succeeded in finding some code online, and it was so easy!

I've removed the header and replaced it with something cleaner, and removed the background images. I thought it'd be nice if perhaps my store was slightly different looking than my blog, that way there's no confusion. There were also these ugly colour bars that hovered over the main pages, as well as 'highlighting' each category (on the right sidebar), so I removed those as well.

Last but not least, Big Cartel finally got pagination working on the home page, and now I can show 20 items at a time, but the option to go to the next page (right below the images). Big Cartel had 2 options before this was implemented. The 'home' page would just show featured items, and then to see everything you had to click "All" on the right hand side, but not anymore!

Here are some screen shots of the changes:

On every page I even added custom font images. Now it's all matchy matchy, and pretty!

I hope you'll stop by my store and take a look, and bookmark it for later on when you would like to buy a monster. Please remember this store, because my Etsy shop will always only have the same 11 monsters, and they'll always only be made-to-order. My store will always be full, and will be the only place I will add new items. :)


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