Monday, June 04, 2012

10 Things that make me happy

Here's a short post of 10 things that make me happy on a dreary, rainy day.

A sweet monster with a happy face, and bangs!

My little honey, Littleone, who's all curled up in the cutest way!

I live in Quebec, with an abundance of awesome maple syrup. The best stuff comes from a can, because I know it's from the maple sugar 'farms' in the province. Mmmm!

A very healthy breakfast of porridge with raspberries, scrambled eggs, and toast with cheese whiz (not so healthy). :)

Squeak with his handmade hat! This made me laugh!

Really fun custom monsters holding balloons!

Birds peeking out of the public bird houses in the park.

Seeing a butterfly flit by, and then marveling when it stops with its wings open, ready for a photograph!!

Sitting on my balcony on a sunny and warm evening.

When Squeak looks at me over his shoulder. It's always cute, and it always makes me happy.

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed my favorite things. :)

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