Friday, June 29, 2012

Funky Friday Favorites: Cara Carmina

This week I'd like to welcome a friend of mine, Norma. I've had the pleasure to meet her in person a few weeks ago. She makes these really beautiful dolls, and other creations. So let's learn more about her. :)

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My Name is Norma but a lot of people know me as Cara Carmina, this particular confusion is part my fault because I kind of like being called that way.  Truth is Cara Carmina is the name of my dolls and children illustration project.  I´m from Mexico and live in Montreal since 2009 with my husband and 4 cats!

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Q & A:

Tell us more about what you make!

I'm a children illustrator and I started making dolls as an experiment one day! (One of the best experiments of my life!).  In the middle of this experimentation process I've started making a lot of different things!  I make dolls, I make what I call textile collages which are images made with a combination of fabrics, papers and black thread!  I also like to work only with paper and make paper collage dolls! This year I re-started to draw again; I've been so focused  into making dolls for the last 3 years that I stop drawing and I missed it.  I had one of those amazing inspirational moments as I began drawing again and I began to make paper cut dioramas with my illustrations! I also love to take photos of my work (I love photography!) and make lovely scenes which then I turn into postcards, greeting cards and prints! I like to play with materials... I love to create!

How did your crafty business come about? What made you want to start it?

It started when I discovered the internet as a tool for selling and promoting my work. I bumped into Etsy some years ago and was totally shocked about the amount of people making such lovely things and selling them! I wanted to be a part of it!!!  I never thought about having my own web store before!  What a great idea!!!!  I opened my store and little by little it has become what it is today. It's been quite a journey to learn how to have my own business with my work and I've loved every part of it! 

What inspires you to create? What supplies do you use?

My inspiration comes from many different sources... I love children books, art, fashion, nature, literature, music...  I love colors, I'm from Mexico and my culture inspires me in such an amazing way!!!  I like to observe people in the street... the way they dress... Children!!! Children inspire me a lot!  I love cats and they are a big part of my inspiration... I'm very visual, I like to see the work of other artists... browse around the internet looking for colors, textures, images... the world is full of inspiration, you just have to learn to see it.  The details of life are fantastic and to me the most simple things are the most beautiful ones!

My main supplies are ink, papers, fabrics and threads, simple lovely things!

What is your favorite project or most memorable thing you've created?

I love all my work, but if I really think about it one of my favorite creations are my Frida Kahlo dolls!  I love all my work but I have a special love for them.  They have part of my culture on them, a very special part of me is in each of my Fridas and for this reason  each  one becomes a very personal creation when it's finished. 

Aside from crafting, what do you do for fun?

I love children books, I collect them and one of my most enjoyable things to do is go to a book store and browse around for hours and of course reading them and looking at the pictures afterwards! I love to go to antique stores, flea markets, old book stores and thrift shops to look around for old little treasures! I read a lot and I wish I could have more time to spend hrs. upon hrs. reading like I used to when I was younger...  I like museums and love to eat!!!!!  :D

What are your favorite blogs or websites that everyone should check out?

I don't check the same blogs or websites always... I change all the time.  Lately I've been in love with the amazing design blog  it's full of inspiration! :D  I love to see the blogs of my favorite artists when I have time, to mention some of them I love all the different blogs of Elsa Mora, I love her art dolls one and her miniature books too:  and  I love the Tekiyaje dolls blog from Russia:  and the blog or Evangelione from Malasia: I also find lots of inspiration in the Etsy youtube channel where you can find portrait videos of different artists:  

I have to ask a totally random question, so here goes. If you won millions of dollars tomorrow, would you do with your little business?

Oh oh oh such a nice thing! I would buy a house where I could have a big studio full of cabinets and lovely tables where I could cut, sew, glue, etc... Lots of furniture with drawers and spaces to place my supplies and works!!! I would also buy new tools like great sewing machines, great printers, cameras, professional lights, all the lovely fabrics I dream on buying every time I go to a fabric store!!! Oh oh oh that would be a treat!!! Can you imagine going to a art supply store with no limit to spend?!  What a nice thing that would be! I'm sure I wouldn't spend every penny on my business but that would definitely be a great way to help me grow in many ways! 

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Well thanks so much for all this, it was really great getting to know more about Norma, and her business Cara Carmina.

Don't forget to check out her great links!

Visit her:  Blog ♥ Facebook ♥ Twitter ♥ Website


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