Saturday, July 07, 2012

New Skull Monster!

Happy Saturday!

I'm so excited to introduce a new monster to the Curious Little Bird family! Let me introduce you to boy and girl Skully.

Boy Skully

Girl Skully adorned with a hot pink bow

Skully is a skull faced monster that has come to earth from the depths of Skullia, the skull city beneath Earth's crust. Skully has run away from Skullia because he's different. He was born with fur, whilst everyone else has regular skin. As an outcast, Skully came to the surface of Earth, in hopes to find a nice home where he may be happy, and perhaps even learn to laugh!

Happy Skully family!

Don't you just love the blue/black fur and skull face? I do! They're monsters from the beyond. Made with the softest fur, these guys are a limited edition monster as the fur is not purchasable once I run out. Also, these lovely monsters are available to purchase on my website, and will also be available at the upcoming Montreal Comiccon!

Have a great weekend!

PS: If you blog about my monsters, please email me a link so that I may link back to your site! Oh, and don't forget to add the credit please! :)