Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday was supposed to be my day off...

I suppose I can wish all my readers a happy Wednesday.

Today was supposed to be my day off! I had plans to go to La Ronde (an amusement park with roller coasters), here in Montreal, but the passes my friend had weren't free entry until August 1st, so it got postponed for 2 weeks. I'd be going next week, except that I have a friend coming by to help me with production all day, in preparation for the craziness this fall/winter.

I'm also blogging today to test out my new feed settings. Not only do a lot of you read the blog through a reader, but my website now has a blog page, and right now it's only showing snippets (like feed burner), so I've decided to change it to full. Hopefully this blog post will be shown with images and everything! <fingers crossed>

This morning/afternoon I found that even though it was nice outside, not too hot or too cold, I found that I had to go out and find my slippers. Who knew that one would need slippers in July?

In my defence, it was quite cool in my apt, and my feet were cold. :)

On my way back from dropping off an order to Connecticut (Geoffrey the Yeti with blue horns), I found this very broken, but gorgeous purple umbrella.

I'm in the process right now of sewing it into a tote bag. I'm adding a purple lining, that way it will be a lot stronger than just the umbrella itself. The seams aren't very strong. If you're interested in making your own tote bag from a broken umbrella, you can go here (Beba's blog in Slovenia!). It's super simple (thank you Beba for the great tutorial!). For the straps, instead of making a tube and turning them right side out, I took the fabric I cut off, and folded it over and over until I had the desired width, then sewed the whole thing, then folded the edges over and finished it off. It's a lot stronger! :)

I'll post a photo of it as soon as I'm done. I'm currently unsure if I want to add an embroidered umbrella, or do some sort of appliqué monster. :) Although, I have a feeling this bag is going to be pretty awesome! I'm thinking the black and white striped cotton fabric would be pretty cool on purple. I can do an appliqué of Burton!

Well tomorrow it's back to the grind, and hard core. I plan on taking another entire weekend off. It's so rare to take whole weekends off when you work for yourself. But I have big plans! Yelp is hosting a free drinks and food event on Saturday, and then on Sunday, I may go swimming, or biking. I'm not too sure.

Lastly, I have a great artist for next week's Funky Friday Favorites, except that I'm waiting for him to write me back and give me permission to post his photos. So far, I've waited 2 days. I won't post it without his permission, because I read online that some blogger 'innocently' used photos she found on Google, and then got sued by the photographer who owned those photos. Unfortunately, she had to pay. I don't want that kind of hassle. Best to get permission. :) If I get no response, well... I'll blog about his art, but I'll direct you to links.

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that this post didn't come through in full and there were no pictures. I get your blog in my google reader and it showed your post through the 'Who knew that one would need slippers in July? In my...' line then said 'Click the title for the full story.'

    Doesn't bug me much b/c I just click on the header and takes me to your post. Since you mentioned tinkering with your site I just wanted to let you know what it looks like on my end.

    By the way - You deserve to take a whole weekend off!!!!!!!

    1. Unfortunately, my website/store's blog is still truncated! :( It does the same as the RSS reader, but I had it working to show the whole post, but I don't know what happened. Oh well.

      Yes, an entire weekend off would be dandy! :)

  2. Oh, thanks so much for including a link to my tutorial!

    When I represent other artists or bloggers on my blog I always post their pictures without permission, but of course I give a credit. I don't know why someone would sue you, because you advertise them for free, they should be happy.
    Though I understand they're mad if you represent their pictures or art as your own.

    Peace and love!

    P.S.: I suggest you to remove word verification in comments. Dashboard, settings, posts and comments, word verifaction, 'No'. (:

    1. HI Beba, the suing part wasn't referring to me. It was another blog post that I read online. It's not even okay to post the credit to the photos that you use from someone else's site. According to this article I read, this woman did all that, and STILL got sued. The photographer wanted to get paid for the use of the photo on her site.

      I added your name, and a big thank you in the blog post next to the link! Sorry about that. :)

      As for the word verification, it does reduce comment spam. I used to have it set up so that anyone, even anonymous people could comment, but that resulted in rude comments. But thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I knew it wasn't referring to you. I'm sorry, if it seemed from my previous comment like I haven't understand that.
    I read that post and now I'm kind of paranoid too... Thanks for sharing it! I will share it with others too.

    Thank you for adding my name, even though I don't find it necessary, but is sweet (: And you're welcome! (:

    About word verification. It's really disturbing, as blogger now has, besides letters, even pictures of numbers which are often not enough clear. Most of the people who comment on the blogs don't like it, me included.
    I guess blogger's spam filter and your comment moderation is more than enough to protect you from spam comments. At least for me is. But this is your blog, so it's your choice and I respect it either way (:

    Peace and love!