Saturday, August 04, 2012

Street Art and more..

I wanted to share with you some street art that I absolutely love. If you're ever on St-Laurent street in Montreal, walking south on the right side of the road (starting from St-Joseph and going toward downtown), you'll see this art. It's not graffiti, and it's permanent made by a group, I think En Masse. I honestly have to say that we need more street art on buildings to make our concrete jungle prettier. Am I right?

I would love to be able to fill up a page in my sketch book like this. No white space, but all inked in. Someday I will! :)

I also got to participate in some En Masse wall art for the Yelp Aide charity party I attended last weekend. The point of the party was to talk to the different tables, learn about the charities, and if you fill up your card, you get a kazoo. I didn't want to do that, but was there to meet people and have a good time.

Here's photos of my art!

Here I am imitating the weird hands on my drawing of the guy with the checkered hat.

A close up of my drawing. I didn't know that my drawing would be so funny! He's shooting a rocket out of his mouth!

I came back a little later to see someone had added more around my guy. At the end of the party, someone had added checks to his shirt, which had improved it, although I wish I had taken a photo.

I drew in the legs of that squiddy thing (as per the guy's suggestion who was drawing it), and that weird thing below the lynx (which I detest), and finally I added in one of my monsters and my business name just for the heck of it!
This wall art got auctioned off, and I'm glad to know that some of my art is owned by someone! :)

Have a great Saturday! I've got a great new artist for next Friday!

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