Friday, August 10, 2012

Funky Friday Favorites: Johan Thörnqvist

Today's artist isn't going to be interviewed, rather I'm going to talk to you about a brand new artist that I discovered on the web while I was surfing through Stumbleupon.

Photo: Copyright of Johan Thörnqvist

Visit his: Website • Interview

The artist's name is Johan Thörnqvist and he's from Sweden.  Here's a translated portion of his interview:

My name is when Johan Thörnqvist, I'm 26 years old and live in Helsingborg. I have long worked graphically and got my first job right after high school. Then I made websites, logos and printed materials for local businesses. Then followed studies at Hyper Island internship in London and then a job as a web creator at an advertising agency. After a couple of years I got sick of being locked and not having time for my own projects, so I quit my job and started my own business. One of those own projects - the only thing that really got something with - was to teach me to draw. I bought a cheap tablet and started up. Even then, I had much free since I was a lot of craftsmanship and are used to working with ideas and form.
Ok, so that's not the best translation from Google Translate, but you get the idea. Here's another person that doesn't like working for the man, but for his own means and quits the 'system' to do his own thing!
He recently posted his I only used photos taken with my phone for these: It's basically not so fantastic phone photos that he's drawn over using his drawing tablet. I think this is genius! Totally inspiring. 

Here are a few of his works:

I think I like this one...

... until I saw this one!

I think I love this one the most. It shows how creative he is with every day objects.

I'm so glad to have 'stumbled upon' Johan's work! I guess that's what Stumbledupon is all about. I've bookmarked Johan's site for the future. :) 

Visit his: Website • Interview

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NOTE: All photos are copyright of Johan Thörnqvist. I do not own these photos, however I got explicit permission from Johan to publish them. Please do not download these photos without  permission from Johan.

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