Friday, January 18, 2013

Monster embroidery hoop art

Last night I went out to an art gallery, and when I got home I had a sudden inspiration! The photo above is my first (and last) attempt at making a baby mobile. I realized the time it took, and this kind of project is mostly a hand sewn kind of project which in my books means a complete waste of time. If I can't produce something in less than 2 hours, I try something new. It's just not cost effective if I'm charging an arm and a leg for a project because my time was so long. That's really what makes prices of handmade objects so expensive... the time it took, not the supplies.

Anyway... I'm getting sidetracked here. :)

I got home from the art gallery and was inspired to make use of all the embroidery hoops I had bought for the previous project (baby mobiles). What if I took the plethora of cotton/polyester fabrics, and my monster ideas, and made furry monster wall art?? It's a fab idea! I can use up a ton of my smaller fur scraps, and people can have art with fur on their walls.

Here's some sketches of some ideas I was thinking about:

Below is a bunch of inspiration to give you an idea! The first image is closest to what I'm thinking, except that the monster would be my own styles. :)

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  1. Yes! Polyester will be a fab idea... just get some pair of low shrinkage polyester yarn and build your creativity... Well I must say the monsters are cute... Thanks