Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Red rides the cat for fun

On a regular, normal day, the monsters live in either plastic bags or suitcases. And on these regular days, they're more than content to do so, but on occasion a monster will get bored, and want some more excitement in his/her life than to simply be adopted. This is the very short story of one such monster named Big Red, and how he tried to have fun!

Out of nowhere the sneaky red monster escapes the suitcases he normally lives in, jumps up on the couch, and sees this silver tabby sleeping. He hops on top of his back and shouts, "Hey cat! Giddy up, won't you!?"

Littleone, waken from this unknown weight on his back looks left and right. Remembering when Peach had tied herself to the cat but a few days ago, Littleone continued to shake his head saying, "Nooooooo!"

Poor Big Red. He was only trying to have a little fun. Maybe next time Littleone will be in a better mood.

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