Friday, March 07, 2014

19 Days and counting to the One of A Kind Show!!

You heard me right, there are only 19 days left to the largest North American Handmade show, and I can feel the stress of not being done creeping up on me. In the next two weeks I have to get everything I want done done, and then I can relax before I leave.  I'm nervous because I've never been an exhibitor in a show of this grandeur, and it's very exciting, and also quite the investment... But as you can see the tickets are here, and the show is very nearly here..... <taking deep breaths... trying to stay calm and collected>

I still have a few tickets to hand out to retailers. I'm hoping to find some free time to email everyone. :)  If you are a retailer in the Toronto / Ontario region and you would like to meet me and see my monsters in person, please message me and I will gladly put a ticket aside for you!

I can't believe this pile of almost, yet not quite finished, monsters are piling up! It's starting to get scary, this pile. There at least 24 or more monsters. Looks like I'll have to work this weekend to finish them. I work in a production line setting, doing all the cutting first and then sewing, then stuffing. I give myself a quota of 6 monsters a day so as not to overwhelm myself, and make work seem less crazy.

Here I am, hard at work!!

Here's one of my cats, Littleone. He's furry feline supervisor that likes to watch over me, making sure I do all of my work!

I think it's nice to have a nice group shot of all my monsters that I have finished all put together. Gives me a great sense of accomplishment. That all my hard work is not for not. Can I say that? :)

Well 19 days and counting! If you're going to be going to Toronto, and stopping by at the One of A Kind Show, don't forget to stop by the Rising Star section and say hello! My booth is P21!

Wish me luck!!!   You can check out my artist profile on their site!


  1. I'll be attending as a buyer! My first time too! 9 hours drive to go, I am really determined! Good luck, I'll be visiting your booth for sure!

    1. That's awesome! Where are you coming from? I would love to give you a free ticket to get into the show, and then when you come visit it'll be doubly sweet. :)