Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In the studio..... 7 days to OOAK and counting....

It's officially 1 week or 7 whole days until the One Of A Kind show is actually happening!! I couldn't keep to my work schedule because of some unexpected things happening. For one, I got sick last Wednesday, and ended up spending most of the day on the couch. But I'm slowly getting better. I just need to force myself to drink tons of water, and I should be healthy by the time I get to Toronto.

This week I'm finishing up my yetis. I've got both Fenwicks (teenage yetis with small horns), and Geoffreys (large ram-like horns).


I have been trying to finish up 6 more pillow monsters for the show. As you can see in the photo the arms, legs and horns are all ready and stuffed. All that needs doing is sewing on the faces, embroidering the expressions, sewing on the limbs, pinning, sewing, and closing. Okay.... that does sound like a lot more work when I write it out like that. :)

Most of the pillows (bottom 3, and top right) will be for sale at the show, and a few more :)

For now I have to focus on finishing my yetis. I don't have any already made, and I'd really like these to be on display. Then I have to get my 2nd sign painted, design, print and laminate some price signs, and finally clean my apartment. If I have any time left I may finish a pillow monster or two. This poster is exactly how I feel right now. ;)

On your way in to the show, don't forget to browse the front entrance display. A few of my fleece monsters for babies will be there, smiling away!

Last but not least, if you are coming to the One Of A Kind show, here's a link to get discounted tickets. Click on the picture and it'll take you to the website to get the discount :) This promo code will instantly offer a $1 off saving from online adult admission ($12-$1 = $11).

You can find me in the RISING STAR section, booth P21!

Wish me luck!! I hope this will be the most successful handmade show I do this year. Unless of course I get accepted to the Christmas One Of A Kind show, in that case THAT will be the most successful, and spring will be awesome!!

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