Friday, April 04, 2014

2014 One Of A Kind Spring Show wrap up and overview.

Hello!! How's everyone today? I've been back from Toronto for a few days now, decompressing, relaxing, taking some time off. Working at the One Of A Kind show really does take a lot of work, and recovery takes time. But all in all the show was awesome!! I met so many nice people, and got some great exposure! If you haven't been following me on Facebook or Instagram, here are some photos from the week. I didn't have a chance to get any photos of the kiddie models walking down the runway with a few Curious Little Bird monsters. A shame! My 3 month marathon monster making definitely paid off.  I also want to thank everyone who came to visit, and those who drove for hours just to say hi! You made my day!

My booth was a small space. It was 3 feet x 3 feet, and had a 360ยบ view. On opening morning I realized my price signs were too awful looking, and ended taking them all down. This encouraged people to approach my booth, touch the soft monsters, and talk to me. Works every time. I keep forgetting this part. :)

The monster pillows were a hit. By Sunday I had sold my very last one. I will have at least 3 times the amount for the Christmas show.

The publicist for OOAK wanted a few of my monsters for the Canada AM morning spot. They decided to choose the green & rainbow pillow monster. Look at how cute he looks on TV!! If you happened to catch it, he was the star of the show. :) You can watch the spot here!

My booth was looking pretty empty by Sunday. Those pillow guys were all gone, and I had to fill all the cubes with the smaller guys.

On Wednesday I also got interviewed for InnerSpace on the Space Channel, but sadly they didn't use it. I did get a 1 second shot of a yeti at the very end. You can watch that episode here

The girls at the beginning of the show, Jaimie and Jessica, make awesome dolls and little felt guys. Their business is called Magic Circus. Below is a felt Mad Scientist from Jessica Craddock. I fell in love with him right away. I just love his feather boa hair!! And the details are awesome.

These lovely ladies are made by Jaimie Craddock, and are poseable, and all made with air drying clay? They're extremely awesome!!

Selfie!!! I got as many awesome compliments about my hair and my outfit creating a branding effect with my monsters, as I did compliments about how cute my monsters were. :)

Finally my Day In The Country monster competition piece. He didn't win the media vote, but I'm still waiting for the people's vote. I'm hoping to win!! :D

I'll keep you updated with new things as they happen later on. For how I'm enjoying my brief time off from work. Monday is back to the grind. I've been asked multiple times from customers if I'm going to be at OOAK for Christmas, and I've told them all I've applied, but won't hear back until June. So starting Monday I must work to build up my inventory as if I am already accepted. Hopefully I'll have new things to show you in the next few weeks/months. Let's just say I had a detailed talk with a customer about a monster pillow backpack.... One side is furry and fun, and the other is leather-like (or vinyl) and very discreet. I may make a few!! I have some vinyl hiding around here somewhere. :) Stay tuned!!

Here's to a great start to 2014!

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