Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady Post

I felt like sharing some photos I have of my two very special boys in my life. They were found in an alleyway with the mum cat and the rest of the litter. A friend found them, asked me if I wanted to adopt any (since she knew back in 1999 that I wanted a cat). When I walked into the room, she told me all of them were adopted except for two... a runty black and white cat, and a silver and white tabby. Well I fell in love with them instantly! I brought them up to see my boyfriend, plopped them on his lap (cause I knew if I did that, he couldn't refuse), and it was decided! You know when kittens have those tiny tails that stick right up? I LOVE that about them when they're little.  First I'm going to show pictures of Squeak (aka as Squeaker, Mr. Spook, Squeaky, Boob). He's black and white, and festively plump.

This is Squeak's favorite way to be cute. Either that or he had recently been sniffing his catnip toys behind him, and he's lying there in a catnip stupor.

I can't resist a cute face!

Why yes, I am taking your picture!

Wishing I had been able to capture this without the blur. :) I love action shots!

Someone was taking a nap under the blankets.

OMG this is the cutest! Squeak's favorite chewy bouncy ball (which is currently lost in my apt), and one cute paw and one eye peeking.

Getting ready for that deep stretch, or just sitting around.

Yep, Squeak likes the floor, and I don't blame him. He's cutest on the floor. I especially love his little soul patch on his chin. That's my favorite spot on him.

A super close up of his paw. Every time I see it, I want to put my finger in between his toes. He doesn't like it. He might be ticklish.

It's not a cute cat picture without a tongue sticking out, now is it?

This is my other little baby, Littleone. He is a darling, very sweet, quiet, and a troublemaker. Gets Squeaky into trouble by giving him ideas. He also goes by the names Mr. One, Little Guy, Sweetie.

I think he's checking out the new view.

Alright! Another action shot!

Gorgeous kitty.

Littleone had the same idea as Squeak (possibly on the same day).

I looooooove that little white, furry tummy of his! And he loves it when I rub it. I get purrs as a reward.

I totally found Littleone curled up like this, with the comforter around him! :)

Another great close up!

I've never seen him sit so oddly, with one leg sticking out like that.

Look how cute that nose is, and the little mouth!

Love it, him, this photo!

Squeak and Littleone are brothers, so of course, they tend to cuddle together sometimes. Here's a selection of cute moments I caught them napping together.

They love used items. I got this free meditation pillow from Craigslist, and they slept on it for months!

I *heart* black and white photos. Especially when my two favorite boys are hugging.

Festively plumpy Squeak makes a perfect pillow for Littleone. I've used Squeak as a pillow too, and he is so cuddly.

It's not brotherly love if they're not at least cleaning each other once in a while.

Well there you have it. It's just two cats, but with the amount of photos I take of them, I guess I am the crazy cat lady. :-) I wish I knew exactly when their birthday was, but if you're wondering, they're about 12-13 years old right now.

Have a great night!


  1. Awww I totally know how you feel, I have about a million around-the-house photos of my dog (I have a cat too but she is not a fan of having a camera shoved in her face so I don't have as many!) Your boys are so adorable, that hugging picture is the cutest! x

  2. Thanks A.A.! I love that they make me smile in the morning too, and try to get to me to go bed at a reasonable hour, as well as getting up early (although I think they really just want to be fed). Haha

  3. ooooh love your caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats!!!! I just wanted to thank you for participating in my giveaway... I went to your page and realized you also live in Verdun (I`m in 4th ave, half a block from the riverside) and I have 4 cats... how cool is that? have a nice evening girl! :D